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Michelle Bryant - Recovery Support Specialist


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Yes, Wytheville Community College has a Collegiate Recovery Program, WCC HEALS. This program was created to meet students where they are on their unique recovery journey. WCC HEALS's primary mission is to support each student in recovery on their journey. WCC HEALS is set to provide one–on–one chats, group talks, weekly fitness routines, and many other supportive measures to help students on their recovery adventure.

WCC Collegiate Recovery Program, WCC HEALS, provides one-on-one chats with a Peer Recovery Specialist, group talks about issues important to recovery and the communities around the WCC service area, and weekly workouts with Recovery Fitness. WCC HEALS collaborates with other collegiate recovery programs throughout Virginia, including VA TECH, VCU, UVA, and Radford University.

Yes, the Recovery Support Specialist at WCC is held by Michelle Bryant. Michelle is available for one–on–one discussions about a range of topics, including starting the recovery process, harm reduction education, and connecting students with helpful resources available at WCC and throughout the community.

​​​​​​Yes, WCC HEALS believes harm reduction is a part of the recovery journey. While Illegal Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited on all WCC premises, test kits, naloxone, and other services will be available to students in a Judgement Free safe space. Please reach out to Michelle Bryant, Recovery Support Specialist – mbryant@vcc.allsaving.net or 276 223 4837.

While Illegal Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited on WCC premises, WCC HEALS believes everyone should have a safe space to share uncomfortable topics without fearing repercussions. There are specific reasons the peer recovery specialist might need to notify others, including imminent harm to the student or peer recovery specialist. There are particular laws in place that require WCC to report situations that might place students and staff in danger. See Michelle Bryant for details – mbryant@wcc.vcc.edu or 276 223 4837.

Yes, WCC HEALS is free of charge for WCC students. Free services are also available to the communities in the WCC service area. For details, contact Michelle Bryant at mbryant@wcc.vcc.edu or 276 223 4837.

Yes, WCC HEALS will supply Naloxone and Fentanyl test kits available by request without judgment. The Recovery Support Specialist will give a quick training lesson on how to use Naloxone properly. Contact Michelle Bryant at mbryant@wcc.allsaving.net or 276 223 4837.

Each recovery journey looks different to each person, and WCC HEALS acknowledges progress for each student may vary. Each student who uses WCC HEALS services will be asked to attend weekly workouts with Recovery Fitness and group meetings that will be held before (or after) the workout session. WCC HEALS asks students in recovery to be aware of their grades and keep in close contact with the Recovery Peer Specialist during their time at WCC. If a student needs tutoring or extra support services, don't hesitate to contact Michelle Bryant at mbryant@wcc.allsaving.nett or 276 223 4837.

WCC HEALS will ask the students in recovery to set obtainable academic and personal goals for each semester they attend WCC. The Recovery Support Specialist will support each student in recovery throughout the semester to obtain their realistic goals. At the end of each semester, the Recovery Support Specialist will meet with students in recovery to evaluate previously set goals.

HEALS - the idea of what recovery means to WCC. H is for Harm Reduction - an active part of the recovery process often shrouded in stigma. E is for Empathy – the practice of understanding and sharing the emotions of others during the recovery journey. A is for Advocacy – a supportive community that will defend against recovery stigma. L is for Listening – actively participating in the conversations that involve the recovery community. S is for Safe Spaces – creating a non-judgmental environment that nurtures personal growth while in recovery.